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12th Division

Scientists and Experimeat of the Soul Society

12th Division Fanbrats
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Welcome to 12th_division, a community dedicated to the misfits and geniuses of the Soul Society. Whether you're here because you fangirl the crazy captain, enjoy the forbidden romance between the vice captain and a certain bald 11th division member, think Akon's sexy with Hisagi, think Hiyosu's eyeball isn't half that bad, find Rin to be absolutely adorable, or have a thing for the mysterious former captain, this is the place for you!

What can be posted here?
- Fanfics, Drabbles, or Fanart as long as they include a 12th division member to a significant degree (it's okay to link old fic or rec other people's fics as well!)
- Doujinshi scans (because there isn't enough division love in the manga!)
- Icons or banners featuring them
- Speculation and Discussion (Does Mayuri still have everything down there? What exactly is Akon anyway? How on earth was Nemu created?, etc.)
- Advertisements for communities for 12th division members or pairings only.
- Advertisements for RPs specifically looking for 12th division players.

What should stay out of the community?
- Large images and fics that aren't cut
- Flaming other members (if there's a problem, get in touch with your mod)
- Character bashing (Don't like Mayuri because of what he does to Nemu? It's understandable, but don't bash him. Discuss it if you will, but refrain from the mindless hatred)
- Advertisements not related to the 12th division (if you'd like to affiliate, comment here)


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